9 Year Anniversary


Celebrating 40 million dollars in savings... The 9-Year Anniversary Sale!

We just ran the numbers and discovered something truly amazing...

We've saved our customers over $40 million in cloud hosting bills since our launch in 2011!

Now THAT is a reason to celebrate. So come celebrate with us and get your cut of the NEXT million dollars in savings!

Standard VPS$109/yr 32GB RAM - SSD Storage

Performance VPS$109/yr 24GB RAM - NVMe Storage

Introducing our new hosting location in Amsterdam!


Limited time. Limited quantity.
Get yours before they're gone!


Standard VPS

100% SSD storage
Fast and reliable Docker-ready Linux VPS powered by Intel E5/Gold processors. KVM virtualization. Backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Perfect for web hosting, WordPress hosting, app development, blog hosting & VPNs.





    Save $1,263!

    8GB RAM
    80GB SSD
    2 vCPU
    4TB transfer

    5% choose MEDIUM

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    Save $2,643!

    16GB RAM
    160GB SSD
    4 vCPU
    8TB transfer

    5% choose LARGE

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    Save $4,023!

    24GB RAM
    240GB SSD
    6 vCPU
    12TB transfer

    45% choose X-LARGE

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  • KVM / 2X-LARGE



    Save $5,433!

    32GB RAM
    320GB SSD
    8 vCPU
    16TB transfer

    45% choose 2X-LARGE

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Deploy Standard VPS from:
New York | Singapore | Los Angeles | Frankfurt | Dallas | London | Tokyo | Amsterdam (NEW!)

Performance VPS

Super-fast NVMe storage
Next-generation speed from NVMe takes your websites and apps to the next level. Docker-ready, KVM, Intel E5/Gold, 99.9% uptime SLA and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Perfect for high-traffic websites, e-commerce sites, multi-site hosting & database applications.


  • KVM / x-LARGE



    Save $2,613!

    16GB RAM
    160GB NVMe
    4 vCPU
    8TB transfer

    5% choose x-LARGE

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  • KVM / X-LARGE+



    Save $4,023!

    24GB RAM
    240GB NVMe
    6 vCPU
    12TB transfer

    5% choose X-LARGE+

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  • KVM / 2X-LARGE



    Save $5,343!

    32GB RAM
    320GB NVMe
    8 vCPU
    16TB transfer

    45% choose 2X-LARGE

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  • KVM / 4X-LARGE



    Save $8,073!

    48GB RAM
    480GB NVMe
    12 vCPU
    32TB transfer

    45% choose 4X-LARGE

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Deploy Performance VPS from:
New York | Singapore | Los Angeles | Frankfurt | Dallas | London | Tokyo | Amsterdam (NEW!)

Developers and small business owners love SSD Nodes for world-class value, blazing-fast speeds, and rock-solid reliability.

SSD Nodes has a competitive mix of low pricing and VPS server capabilities. This easily beat out other low-mid range price VPS I have used in the past. That has made SSD Nodes my go-to VPS provider.


Robert Syputa
Small Business Owner

SSD Nodes is a barebones VPS which works well with my preferred setup of Centminmod. They've delivered a hosting platform which has drawn me away from Linode.


Bob P
Website Developer

SSD Nodes makes no bones about its primary offering - maximizing value for money when it comes to RAM per dollar. I don't know of any other VPS provider that offers this much RAM at this low a cost.


Hari G
Lead Technical Architect

Read the full reviews from these SSD Nodes users, plus dozens more, on G2, Trustpilot, and HostAdvice.

Defying the odds for nine years.

How does a bootstrapped startup take on the big guns of the cloud hosting world and not only survive, but thrive, for almost 10 years?

You've got to do things differently.

Here at SSD Nodes, we haven’t followed the crowd. Instead, we've focused on what we do best—providing fast, reliable cloud servers at incredible prices to long-term customers.

We don't do hourly billing.

We don't have the fanciest icons on our dashboard and...

We don't spend a million dollars on Facebook and Google ads.

Instead, we've focused on offering the highest-resource plans for 90% less than the other guys. And building a stable cloud that serves your needs best.

Make no mistake about it, our success is due to you. So we'll be doubling down on what works, listening to what you want and together we'll make it another 9 years.

If you're already hosting with us, thank you.

And if you're just checking us out, come on board now and see why thousands of people tell us that SSD Nodes is the best-kept secret in cloud hosting!

All plans include

Intel Gold/E5 processors

Enterprise SSDs in RAID 10

10Gbps network interfaces

100% uptime SLA

14-day refund guarantee

Multiple, redundant Tier-1 ISPs

Zero-downtime upgrades

Root access and a dedicated public IP

Support for Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS

Finally, cheap cloud hosting you can depend on.

(Yeah, that's right, we said cheap.)

"Cheap" is a word we've avoided over the years, but we've proven again and again that you can provide reliability & performance and still be cheap.

Let's be honest-- when you charge 90% less than your biggest competitors, there's no other word for it!

YES...we use top-of-the-line branded hardware.

YES...we host our servers in world-class datacenters with lightning-fast Tier-1 network connections, and...

YES...our support team consistently out hustles our competitors that cost 10x more...

But we're still cheap!

Trust us, if you want to save thousands on high-resource cloud hosting, THIS kind of cheap is the way to go.


Deploy from 8 datacenters around the globe

We launched back in 2011 with a single hosting location and a dream to bring high-speed hosting to the world.

Today you use our cloud to roll out high-performance servers worldwide in an instant (and save thousands of dollars in the process).

Serve your customers better with high-speed hosting in New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Singapore, Dallas and our brand new location in Amsterdam!


Keep your price forever

Whichever of our incredible deals you choose today, you'll keep your plan forever.

For example, if you buy a 3-year plan today, your plan will renew in 3 years at the same price as you pay today.

And it will continue to renew at that price, until you cancel the server.